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Rent a Bounce House for only $94


Rental FAQs

Below are a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) by our customers. If your particular question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

What do I need to do to reserve a bounce house?

Set your party date and time
Call us at 817-545-7547

We will need your name, address, telephone number, date and time of party and a small deposit.

How far in advance do I need to reserve a bouncer?

ASAP! As soon as you have a confirmed date for your party or event, we highly recommend that you book your bouncer for that date. Don't wait! There's nothing worse than getting your party organized, then calling up to book a bounce house, and finding that the one you want is not available or possibly none of them are available. If this happens, at best, all we can do is put you on standby, in the event of a cancellation. So it is best to make your reservation as soon as possible.

If you've just found out about us and you have a last minute need to rent a bounce house today or tomorrow, give us a call to see what we have available 817-545-7547

What are your prices?

Prices do change, depending on the season and a variety of other factors. Please check our prices page or call us for current prices. Specials are occasionally offered, depending on the season.

What is your delivery charge?

We offer free delivery up to 10 miles for any bounce house, water slide or package,  may be a small delivery charge for certain areas. Please call us at      817-545-7547 to check.

Is there a deposit?

Yes, a deposit is require to reserve, Please call us for details.

What kind of area can your bounce house be set up in?

A level grassy area is best. If the set up site is on grass, we ask that you clean up and clear the area prior to setup. We can also set up a bounce house on almost all semi-hard surfaces such as concrete, pavement, asphalt, small size gravel, etc. We do not recommend an area with a lot of loose dirt or sand due to the dust that is created. The area must be as flat as possible with only gradual slopes and be within 100 feet of a power source. Please call us with any questions about the area you want to use.

How much space do I need for your bounce house?

Most of our bounce houses are 13'x13' and require a three foot "safety space" to surround the unit. At a minimum, an 18'x18' space is necessary. The area requires at least 20 foot overhead clearance (no branches or power lines).

Can bounce houses be setup indoors?

Yes, bounce houses can be setup indoors provided there is enough ceiling clearance. Gyms, auditoriums and other large halls are perfect. Call us for more information about dimensions.

Does the bounce house blower have to run all the time?

Yes, the blower keeps the bounce house inflated. As long as all riders have exited safely, the blower can be unplugged to deflate the bouncer.

Are the bounce houses safe?

Our bounce houses and mazes are constructed and set up to be as safe as possible. An adult should supervise all play activity. All bounce houses have netting on all sides for safety and to allow for visibility and air circulation. Bounce house also have an entrance ramp for easier entry and exit of the bounce house.

Bounce houses are very safe, as long as all the rules are followed. Bumps and bruises occasionally can be expected. Most injuries are caused by or happen to unsupervised children. When children are supervised at all times, and the rules are enforced, bounce houses can be a very safe and fun experience!

What if it rains after the bounce house has been rented?

Weather is unpredictable sometimes. All the bounce houses and slides can get wet and it will not damage them. If it starts raining you will want to get the kids out until it stops. You'll also want to shut off the electric blower and let it deflate. As soon as it stops raining you can turn the electric blower back on and let the kids start bouncing again.

What if it's raining at the time of your delivery?

For safety reasons, we will not be able to set up the bounce house in the rain or if the weather looks like it may start raining soon. Since rain can be unpredicable we may need to reschedule the rental , Safety is our main concern so if you think it may rain in your area and wish to reschedule or cancel please call us 48hrs prior to your schedule delivery time at 817-545-7547.

What if high winds are blowing?

Everyone should exit the bounce house and the bounce house blower should be shut off when high winds are expected. The bounce house should not be used in high winds over 30 mph. After the winds die down you can let the kids back in to play. Just keep an eye on the four corner bounce house stakes and make sure they are still secured deep in the ground. Keep checking the stakes if high winds persist.

Can I pick up the unit and set it up myself?

No. Since safety is our highest concern, we require that our qualified technicians install the units, check them for safe operation, and review all the necessary safety instructions with the person renting the unit and anyone that will be involved in supervision the operation of the bounce house.

How many children can bounce at a time?

How many children can safely play at once will vary by jumper size, children, and amount of adult supervision. We will talk to you about this when we deliver your bounce house.

As a guide line:
Ages 2 to 8 ....... 8 to 10 children (depending on size)
Ages 9 to 12 .......6 or 7 children
Ages 13 to 16 .....4 to 6 children

However keep in mind that similar sized children MUST play on the unit at the same time, REGARDLESS of age. Different sized children must not be mixed. Please remember, the above is a guideline only. It all depends on the size of the children, and how active they are.

Is there an bounce house entrance step?

All bounce houses have an entrance and an exit. An inflated step is connected to the bounce house, in front of the entrance. It helps the small children get in and out very easily. They can crawl up and down the steps. The steps are included on all of the bounce houses. Bounce houses also have a crawl under the netting entrance. Some of them have a tiny entry space to help to keep the children from falling out. All of the bounce houses are completely enclosed with 4 walls, a roof, a bottom, netting which act as large windows to let the breeze in and out and parent watch from outside.

What is it with silly string (liquid confitti)?

No silly string is permitted. If it is sprayed on the bounce house accidentally, it will melt into the vinyl and permantely damage the inflatable. It cannot be removed. It melts into it. So, try to avoid having it at a party if you have rented a bounce house or inflatable!

Do I need any special equipment to setup?

We come equipped with all the necessary equipment: extension cords, tarps, etc. The blower(s) run off a standard 110-volt outlet, which must be within 50 feet of where you would like the bounce house or maze setup. We do ask that you have the area where you want the bounce house or maze setup clean of rocks and other sharp objects.

What areas do you deliver to?

We offer delivery to most of Metroplex area . 30 miles radious  from Eules Tx 76039, a delivery fee will be charged after 10 miles, base on distance, call for a quote.

We service the DFW & North Dallas Texas area, including:
Arlington, Bedford, Cedar Hill, Cockrell Hill, Colleyville, Coppell, Dallas, Duncanville, Edge cliff Village, Euless, Farmers Branch, Flower Mound, Forest Hill, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie,  Grapevine, Haltom City, Highland Park, Hurst, Irving, Keller, Las Colinas, Mansfield, North Richland Hills, Northlake, Plano, Richardson, Richland Hills, River Oaks, Saginaw, Sansom Park, Southlake, Trophy Club, Lake Dallas, Tarrant County, and Dallas County.


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